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Concession to apply with truck-mounted platform, boom lift van in Valencia.


Supply and installation of luminaires with LED technology, specifically in the avenues constitution, caravels, neptune, madrid and streets serrans and lepanto in the urban nucleus of the beach town of farnals.

Type of Contract
publication date
Document Type
CPV codes
34928500 34928510 34928520 34928530 45316100
Procuring Entity
Government Board of the City of La Pobla de Farnals
Estimated amount
EUR 57,116
Place of execution

It is the object of this contract to contract the supply and installation of LED technology luminaires, specifically in the avenues Constitución, Carabelas, Neptuno, Madrid and Serrans and Lepanto streets in the urban center of Pobla de Farnals beach, in accordance with the Technical Report, which has served as the basis for the development of the present specifications and which should include: • Replacement of existing luminaires with LED technology using the existing supports. • Orderly removal of the luminaires and management in recycling centers (in cases where the municipality rejects the usefulness of these equipment). • Testing and commissioning of the new luminaires. In this contract, the amount of the supply is higher than the labor required for the installation. This contract is subsidized through the Valencian Institute for Business Competitiveness (IVACE), which calls for aid for the implementation of energy saving and efficiency measures in outdoor public lighting systems in the municipalities of the Valencian Community, published in DOGV number 8227 of February 5, 2018. These aids are part of the strategy of the Valencian Community in terms of savings and energy efficiency in the sector of public services for the horizon 2020, and are included within the priority axis 4 , Favor the passage to a low carbon economy in all sectors, of the Operational Program of the European Regional Development Fund of the Valencian Region 2014-2020.

The city of Valencia is one of the most polluting light in the world. According to Mayor Joan Ribó, he is between third and fourth in this particular ranking. To combat this phenomenon, and in the process to achieve significant savings in the bill for municipal lighting, the City will start the second phase of its intervention plan for public lighting, financed by the Institute for the Diversification and Saving of Energy (IDAE) with four million euros and which will involve the renovation of 7,786 street lamps with LED technology. The performance, according to detailed this Monday the councilman of Interior Government, Sergi Campillo, in a press conference with Ribó, is divided into two differentiated interventions. On the one hand, they will replace the luminaires of the so-called Valencia lamps (spherical, installed on large columns), with the renewal of 5,844 of these units and the definitive removal of another 312, which in some cases are anchored to the buildings and are unnecessary to have another point of light next. With this intervention is expected to achieve a saving of 85% in the electric bill paid by the Consistory. But, in addition to the energy and economic savings, this renovation will make it possible to eliminate the light pollution generated by these streetlights, since the ball that focuses in all directions will be changed by a light directed downwards, which will result in less discomfort for the neighbors who live in the first blocks of housing blocks. Luminaires of this type are installed mainly on the major roads, Blasco Ibáñez Avenue, the left bank of the river (next to Viveros), Cavanilles Botanic and other large avenues. The second part of the plan will consist of the installation of LED technology in 1,942 model Fernando VII streetlamp units, where the bulbs will be replaced by plates also focused downwards and of lower consumption, in which translucent crystals will also be replaced by transparent ones. According to Campillo, his department will consult the demands of the Federation of Neighborhood Associations of Valencia to decide on which areas should act as a priority. In this way, the plan will entail the total renovation of 7,786 lampposts, which together with the 31,697 of the first phase will account for approximately 50% of those in the city.

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