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How to avoid the most common accidents while using a boom lift,


The mobile personal lifting platform (PEMP) is a mobile machine designed to move people to a working position, with a single and defined position of entry and exit of the platform; It is constituted as a minimum by a work platform with service organs, an extensible structure and a chassis. There are platforms on articulated and telescopic trucks, self-propelled scissors, self-propelled articulated or telescopic and special towable platforms among others.
You just have to check that all the controls are working, the ones above and the ones below, check for leaks, check the condition of the batteries and that there is fuel, check that the emergency handle or the auxiliary motor is working properly.

Therefore, what preventive measures should we adopt?
-We must check that the platform does not show any hydraulic oil or diesel leakage.
-We must check the oil and fuel level.
-We must be properly equipped with PPE (personal protective equipment) adapted to this work (safety boots, reflective vest, helmet, gloves, safety harness).
-The use of a safety harness is mandatory, even if few people use it and many who use it do not do it properly.
-The adverse weather conditions (wind, rain) have a negative influence.
-The lifting platform lifts people and tools, it's not a burden. Being overweight can cause a tragedy.
-It is forbidden to use elements external to the machine to reach more height (stairs mounted on the platform, drawers, climb on the ramp, etc.).
- In the case of scissor lifts, it is advisable to place wooden blocks under the outriggers to prevent the sidewalks from collapsing, since we do not know in which state the area is located. find the platform.
-When placing a lifting platform near a wall, it is advisable to place the motor part in the opposite direction to that of the facade, because otherwise, in case of failure, access to the engine to be repaired becomes a complicated task.

All these tips are used to improve the safety and quality of the work done on the aerial platforms. They are very important to consider whenever this type of machine is used.

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