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Lifting platforms for removals, basic knowledge. Alve advises #10


The area of ​​moving work is wide and varied. In the home or office transfers, many objects can be transported, from very small things to voluminous or difficult to handle. In the case of the latter, it is highly advisable to use a lifting platform to move them up or down.

The furniture lifts are very practical and useful for transporting very large belongings; and convenient in the case of homes or work premises without an elevator or where access through the portal is complicated.

The use of lifting platforms is a simple process that depends on the machine used. The motorized extendable ladder or the elevating crane is placed just below the area where you have to raise or lower the belongings to anchor it in the window, on the railing of the terrace or on the balcony.

Satisfied customers for the agility of work and customer comfort. We also have highly skilled workers who are responsible for handling these furniture lifts.

As benefits of using lifting platform for removals we can mention:

- Possibility of raising or lowering the appliances directly from the floor to the street or to the truck.
- Avoid knocks or breaks in furniture and other appliances
- You also avoid damage to stairs and portals of the house.
- The inconvenience to neighbors is reduced.
- The move is faster. You can even save about 2 to 4 hours per service.

In addition, speaking of security, we can not forget that these lifting services must include liability insurance.

Types of lifting platforms

If you need to have the services of furniture elevator you have to bear in mind that there are different types of lifts depending on the weight that has to be transported or the height of the house. We can work like this in houses of a height or in very high buildings of several floors.

Thus, you can find different options:
- Removable façade elevator by sections. They are advisable for pedestrian zones, gardens or with difficult access for vehicles, and can be used for floors of up to 4 or 5 floors.
- Lift on telescopic trailer. They cover a greater height than the previous ones but they need a little more space to place the trailer under the terrace or the window.
- Lifting crane. It is mounted on a specialized motor vehicle and can reach heights of one twelfth or fourteenth floor.
- Integrated inside the moving truck. This type of lifting platform is installed under the load plane of the vehicle, which means a great saving of space.

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