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Lifting platforms for the disabled and people with reduced mobility. ALVE #18


One of the great goals of an advanced society, should be to facilitate the integration of people with disabilities so that they themselves, with their own means and in any case a tiny percentage of help, can stand and manage with total autonomy. Example of this, we find them in the lifts for vehicles, disabled platforms, disabled vertical platform, lifting platform for people with reduced mobility, wheelchair lift platform.
What are the platforms for lifting in vehicles?

People who see their mobility limited and who need a wheelchair, are also very often in a situation where they use a vehicle with a lift for the disabled to travel, either as passengers or even as drivers.
To facilitate the time of the ascent to said vehicle, there are so-called wheelchair lift platforms that due to their features allow the user to get into their car without the need of external help, disabled platform lift. The handicapped lift platforms barcelona have a gear that culminates in a plate, usually aluminum, which leans facilitating the entry of the chair inside the car.
There are several types and models that can be put at the service of the user, which comply with normative handicapped lifting platforms, either single-arm or two-arm lifts; rear entrance or lateral defect (depending on the vehicle model and the customer's needs), etc.
Lifting platforms are electric, support an approximate weight of almost 400 kilos and are characterized by being very resistant and non-slip, to avoid unwanted displacement of the chair at the time of its transfer to the interior of the vehicle.
They are generally adapted to the different types and sizes of chairs depending on whether the user also has to drive the vehicle, which would imply facilitating access to the driver's seat, disabled platform price price.

Vertical lifts for the disabled are an ideal solution in cases where the dimensions are small or complicated for another solution of stair lifts. In all cases it adapts perfectly to the architectural barrier to be eliminated. They are perfect for the use of wheelchairs.

Both in the closed versions and in those that do not have it, we get a safe access for people with disabilities or reduced mobility. In most cases regardless of their physical condition. The lifting platforms for the disabled are easy to install and occupy a minimum space. It is usually used for cabin 100% of the space used to locate it.
Vertical open elevators: For small heights, in public buildings or neighboring communities is an optimal solution. There are models that can be moved from one site to another, favoring the movement of people with reduced mobility. Its easy installation makes these elevators an elegant and practical solution

Vertical elevators semicabinado: The most practical, comfortable and comfortable solution to eliminate barriers, only limited by the available space in the building. When possible, its installation provides the person with reduced mobility with the ability to move on its own without the need for little outside help.

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