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Most common repairs on elevating working platforms ALVE reports # 22


Repair of lifting platforms Haulotte, Genie, JLG, Liftlux, Snorkel, Manitou, we have spare parts for lifting platforms and spare parts, electric articulated arms, diesel scissors, lifting doors and repair of lifts: Upright, Skyjack, Niftylift, Altux, Palfinger, grove, terex, demag, fassi, hiab, etc.
Also with this article you can identify the 5 most common faults in lifting platforms:

# 1 the platform does not turn on

does not show No sign that it works is not seen
No light indicating on No sound or alarm
Both the ground control and the platform control are
In the ignition position with the red button ongo head
Steps to solve this symptom
one . verify that the battery unit
It is connected and charged
Your ideal charge is 26 volts
But it can work between
22 and 24 volts should turn on
two . if the battery unit is found
Connected to and that verify the voltage they provide
With a multimeter (tester) from the connection
Anderson who comes from the batteries
if ay voltage between 22 and 26 volt
Reconnect the anderson to the system
Test with reference to earth the button
NC or red button on the part of
in its terminal 1 we must give a voltage between 22 and
26 volt
If we find that voltage
Pull the button and do the same
Measurement in your terminal 2
If we do not have voltage
The problem is the NC button
The solution is to change it
And the problem is solved

# 2 the platform turns on normal

the charge indicator
in the control it marks full load but when starting to
advance the load on the indicator starts to descend
Marking score downloaded the platform starts at
work intermittently advances to pulls if
we press the stop button and we subtract it again
the indicator marks full charge again
Points to check
Oh that check the status of the batteries together
and separately with a multi-line on its DC scale
from the positive terminal to the negative terminal of the
batteries connected in series has to give us 26
volts approximately if the charge is complete if
gives us less than 22 volts and a problem in some of
the batteries then we proceed to check each one
Separated each battery should give us 6.6 volts if any
of them gives memos of 6 volts needs charge but if
some throw us measurements of 4.2 or less
to verify it with another method and that is our fault
changing the battery solves the problem.
Communication harness of the ecm
If A having seen the previous step of te teo de
batteries did not find any damaged its charge
batteries did not find any damaged its charge
Oh that to replace this harness since by the communicates
all information dates to platform control
and it is very possible that the harness is the problem by false
contact on your terminal to the ECM.
# 3 the platform turns on its control of top brand

the code 47 the joystick is complete has no
damage and the harness wires are not there
no open cable or apparent damage to sight and
do the following open the
Platform control
Most of the times that this code marks us if
no harm to the joystick the problem is that it
could have fallen control and the joystic disconnected
of the control card alone and to connect it.
In the case that the joystick is connected and not
have no visible physical damage and keeps throwing us
code 47
The problem will be the joystick itself and more
It is advisable to change this component.
# 4 the platform goes up but only reaches 1 meter

more less and you do not want to go higher but you hear the engine
and the pump but can not with the load.
Valve bank
For this fault we will use our manometer to
test the system pressure the manometer should have
a range of 5000 psi. we connect it at the point of
Bank test is a quick male connection of
Before proceeding we must have at least
with glasses to avoid any damage to your eyes with
some oil leak
Already with the manometer connected and with one or two
people on the platform, we activate the
lifting function the manometer should cut us
up to 3200 psi more less if when it stops rising
the platform has not reached 3200 psi the failure
is in the safety valve of the system and that
identify it and with the platform retracted we proceed
to subtract the valve from the bank to withdraw so
a 7/8 key or a 7/8 long socket is used
we remove the valve and cover the hole with a stopper
of the same measure the first thing that we chacer of
the valve will be the o, ring or league that is in the part that
this league is submerged in the bank
it is broken when it presents this symptom it only changes
for a new one and ready. If the o, ring is in good condition
most likely it is an internal problem in the
valve and to replace it with a new one.

# 5 the platform advances very slowly

The anti rollover system that has the
scissor lifts proeje us from a rollover
for speeding when the platform is
finds extended but when it is retracted
speed of advance is considerably fast is
For this
That moving slowly in the retracted position is
considered a failure
considered a failure
The most common in this case is to verify the
limit switch that work correctly that
its mechanism is not broken and it does not get caught up
lubricate them with WD-40erify the fins
anti bumps and that no aya broken cables
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