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Parts of a work platform lift, dimensions for disabled people. Article # 21


ALVE camionescesta, is a company that has always been interested in promoting safe environments in places where work is developed with articulated, telescopic, diesel, electric lifting platforms; since that depends on the success of the project or work to be done.

The mobile personal lifting platform is a mobile machine designed to move people to a working position, with a single and defined position of entry and exit of the platform. It is constituted as a minimum by a work platform with service bodies, an extensible structure and a chassis. There are platforms on articulated and telescopic trucks, self-propelled scissors, self-propelled articulated or telescopic and special towable platforms among others.

Parts of a working platform:
1- Chassis: It is the base of the lifts and is the area where different elements are located such as the engine, the traction system, the steering system, the braking system, batteries, tires, stabilizers and other elements of security. The chassis of the lifts must be strong enough to support the weight and moment produced by the turret, the extensible structure and the work platform with its nominal load. The chassis can be self-propelled, tow or push, can have wheels, tracks, special bases and be provided with stabilizers to ensure its stability.
2- Directional system: It works through the hydraulic system that is controlled with a hydraulic pump connected to the engine. When the operator wants to change the direction of the lifting platform, a hydraulic piston is the one that controls and assists the trajectory desired by the operator (steering wheels).
3- Brakes: The braking system of the Manlift makes them stop when the operator stops activating the movement of translation, this occurs automatically and makes when the aerial platform is stopped the parking brakes are blocked The lifts towable are equipped with a manual parking brake, which is recommended to use when the platform is parked.
4- Wheels: On the lifting platforms the wheels fulfill the mission of supporting the ground and allowing traction on the different terrains on which it is moved. They can be air pneumatics that are placed on the towable or truck platforms, elastic non-marking wheels, which are usually mounted on scissors platforms for indoor use, and can also be filled polyurethane (solid) tires that are placed on the self-propelled . The tire pressure and the tightening of the nuts of the lashing screws of the wheel rims of the platforms should be checked periodically.
5- Tilt sensor: Towable truck platforms must be equipped with a device to indicate whether the inclination or the slope of the chassis (longitudinal and transverse) is within the limits authorized by the manufacturer. This device must be protected against any deterioration or accidental mismatch.
6- Emergency descent: The platforms will have a command system in the base, which will facilitate the correct use of the machine from it (which will be used in case of emergency, for example, to recover the incapacitated operator). In the event that the lifting platform fails or the operator is incapacitated, emergency descent can be carried out using the hand pump located next to the base controls. To do this, choose the movement you want to make, use the lever of the hand pump and finally release the control lever to stop the chosen movement.

In addition, as an additional detail, we detail the dimensions of the disabled handicapped lifting platform:
When we talk about the correct dimensions of elevators for the disabled we have to differentiate between the private sphere of the public. In this sense, in the public sphere the dimensions have to be totally versatile to give service to any person in a wheelchair, while in the private sphere it is possible to have a certain margin playing with the measures and adapting to the particular needs of the user . In this aspect, the measures a platform stair lift recommended would be 800 mm. width x 1000 mm., in the background, always taking into account the space needed for a person in a wheelchair to maneuver both in the loading plant and in the disembarkation plant. As for vertical short-haul elevators, the recommended measure would be 90 cm wide x 1.2 meters deep, increasing to 1.4 meters deep in the public domain, which would also allow transporting in addition to one person in wheelchair to a companion. Finally, in the lifts of reduced speed the minimum dimensions would be 1 meter wide x 1.2 deep and the recommended ones 1.1 m wide x 1.4 deep.

Always dealing with entry and exit of the elevator on the same side or on opposite sides, in the cases where the entrance and exit are at an angle of 90 or 270 degrees, the useful dimensions of the car will have to be larger to allow the Turn the chair inside of it.

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