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The operation of a work platform lift, boom lift, ALVE reports #16


In the industrial area there are different models of electric, diesel, self-propelled, elevating work platform lift, one of which is the scissor platform, which is operated by folding and unfolding. The handling of the lifting platform is used to perform work at height, such as electrical installations, high voltage maintenance, ornamentation tasks, among others, since these platforms provide an all-terrain service. Another type of lifting platforms are those that move in an omnidirectional way in order to move from one side to another. This platform, fulfills the same functions as the previous one but is very precise for small spaces. Among other models, there are electric elevating platforms, scissor type, that move automatically, to the four sides and can also rotate, these platforms, as they do not need auxiliary supports occupy very little space.

The lifting platform working, the aerial maneuvers performed by these teams are very useful for jobs in supermarkets, airports, factories, warehouses, and other uses. The technical characteristics of the electric elevating platforms, refer to the type of model, at the height of the platform and working height, capacity of the platform, the size and length of the platform in extension, the speed of handling with the platform folded or unfolded, the turning radius, the two types of motors that drive it, that is to say the driving motor and the lifting motor, the size and dimensions of the equipment, both folded and unfolded. In addition to the technical characteristics, there are the configuration features of the equipment. For example a lifting platform with scissor system, has an intelligent control and proportional system control, has a system of automatic protection of potholes, a code of failure of circuit, a device for descent in emergencies, chronograph of tasks, lifting box open, and a temperature protector for the controller.

These lifts are those that belong to standard models, and are self-functional equipment, since there are lifts that are placed on a truck. These platforms are made of steel, which makes them very resistant, and they work with a battery without the need to receive alternating current. These platforms have the same characteristics as the previous ones, based on the mechanical principles described above. The electric truck lifts are used for outdoor tasks, whether in streets, routes, or in the external spaces of industries. Another one of the models of the elevating platforms is the one that works on mast, that generally is done in aluminum since it is a very light metal, these platforms have three types of masts: a mast, double mast and six masts and fulfills several functions of work. There are several models within the mast lifts, in addition to electric lifts, there are manual lifts with a flexible mast.

There is a smaller type of work platform lift that works with the same principles as the others, and electricity is provided by a battery, without the need to receive external electrical power. The small electric platform lift has a weight of only 220 kg., And is used for the same functions as other platforms. Among the different models are the articulated electric lifting platforms that are used for tasks in lands with paved floors and in interiors, it has an almost total rotation of the arm, rotation of the upper case, and with puncture-resistant wheels. Another model is the telescopic lifts, which are used in areas of difficult access, and have a large load capacity. And finally the caterpillar lifting platforms, which are lightweight and of reduced dimensions, are used in all functions and have the advantage of passing through conventional doors.

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