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What is a scissor work platform lift? Functions and types.


In this opportunity we want to clear the frequent doubts of our clients about scissor lift platforms.
To begin, what is a scissor lift platform?
The most complete concept describes that, a scissor boom lift, is a mechanical device designed to perform work at different heights; include a lifting basket; which is where the operator manages the platform through a control panel:

Scissor lift platforms; Their main function is to cover the logistic needs in situations that require freedom of movement; they are very useful as a positioning tool in different production processes, as a solution to architectural barriers, or as an auxiliary element to facilitate ergonomics; In addition, its customization in dimensions, features and accessories, contribute to a great economic savings for the company, as it prevents the implementation of reforms and simplifies the necessary civil work and the installation process.

Depending on the needs, the scissor table can be simple, double or multiple:

Scissor lift platform simple.
 They are platforms designed to transport or position goods between certain levels of elevation. They offer a good stability and free access in the 4 laterals which allows their incorporation as an element of elevation in productive processes. They can handle loads of up to 10 000 Kg and it is possible to manufacture them with a length of up to 5 meters.

Double scissor lift table
The double scissor lift tables consist of a frame, a double scissor mechanism and a platform. Additionally, other elements such as the perimeter security profile are incorporated.
They are intended to transport or position goods between certain levels. They can handle loads of up to 5 000 Kg and are manufactured with a length of up to 4 meters. This type of tables presents an average height in folded position and as a rule allow a lifting stroke of 1.2 times its length.

Multiple scissor lift table
The length of a platform determines the useful lift it can achieve. The Alapont multiple scissors tables are the solution for those applications in which higher elevation is required than the simple and double scissor models. This type of tables is composed of a frame, the scissor mechanism, which can be three or four levels, and the upper platform.

Depending on its functionality, the following can be highlighted
- Cargo lifting platform (for merchandise)
The elevating platforms of load are elevating tables designed to carry out tasks of loading and unloading of merchandise, either between 2 levels of a building, or as a link with a vehicle. They have a reinforced structure which allows them to withstand the dynamic efforts exerted by the means of loading such as forklifts. They are manufactured for loads of up to 10,000 Kg with a maximum size of 4,000 x 2,500 mm. Optionally they incorporate folding panels to close the gap between the platform and the vehicle.
Many charging points are located in areas exposed to aggressive environmental conditions. In these conditions, the corrosion of the machine can be important, in such case, it is recommended that the machine be manufactured with a hot galvanizing treatment, to guarantee a longer useful life.
-Plataforms of work (for staff)
The work platforms are lifting tables designed to lift people to allow work at height. Its application is for indoor work, with a maximum height of 3 meters.
They can incorporate the following complements: extensible platform supplement, removable handrail, doors with self-retractable hinges, wheels for manual movement and automotive group with traction battery.

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