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What training is necessary to operate a lift platform? Alve advises # 12


ALVE, truck-mounted platform extensive valuable details of working in heights with occasional platform lift, truck rental basket seville, amposta, madrid, therefore, work in the field of heights requires to follow a series of standards and requirements, however, it is very common find works in which creativity exceeds standards and becomes a risk zone for workers who work especially at heights, therefore we will expand on platform lifting training.
The Title of Operator of Lifting Platform of Persons is mandatory according to the Law of Prevention of Labor Risks: Royal Decree 1215/1997, of July 18 that establishes the minimum provisions of safety and health for the use by the workers of the equipment of The paper states that "The driving of automotive work equipment will be reserved for workers who have received specific training for the safe driving of such work equipment." Therefore course lift platform is indispensable when operating this type of machine.

This lift platform course can also improve your resume and help you in your job search. In such a competitive world having or not training can distinguish you from others and make you get that job you are looking for. Reading and learning the subject is fundamental to know how to respond to any risk situation in the use of machinery.

The Prevention Law establishes that the worker must have received training on the machinery that he will manage. With a course of "Operator of Elevating Platforms", it will comply with the requirements on safety regulations. So that you can work as operator of lifting platforms of all types: articulated, telescopic, scissors, among others.
Therefore, who can operate a platform for lifting people?

They must be people with the appropriate psychophysical and sensory skills. In addition, they must receive sufficient training to obtain the skills that will allow them to operate this equipment.
Among the requirements that must be met by the operator of a lift platform can be cited:
• Being over 18 years.
• Physical and psychic aptitude for work at height, according to the established protocols.
• Adequate training: the UNE 58923 standard entitled "Mobile Personal Lifting Platforms (PEMP).
• Have authorization for use issued by your company.
• If you access the public road, you must also have a license plate for driving that enables you to use the vehicle (for example PEMP on a truck).
With the detailed information in this blog we want to contribute to the disclosure of the rules that in the field of training, safety and prevention of occupational risks, should know every operator of lifting platforms of people.

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