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Work platform lift for tender on the replacement of luminaires in Valencia


Replacing current luminaires with new ones with LED technology

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Potries City Hall Mayor's Office
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EUR 20,486.25
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Replacement of current luminaires with new ones of LED technology

València street lighting will be more environmentally friendly and economically more efficient once the application of the IDAE II Plan is completed, the second most important action in this field in the city in recent years. Technicians have already begun replacing the luminaires in 11,438 street lamps in all districts with LED technology. The second phase of this project, which has a budget of 3.99 million euros, is fully funded by the Regional Development Funds of the European Union (Feder).
This action, which was presented by the former municipal lighting manager and current vice mayor, Sergi Campillo, and by Mayor Joan Ribó in May 2018, now begins its implementation, as announced by the Councilor for Resource Management, Luisa, on Sunday Notary. The work will focus on two main interventions depending on the type of luminaire on which it operates. On the one hand, all the València model lamps (spherical, installed in large columns) will be replaced, in which the crown will be kept as an ornamental part. It is 5,844 lampposts in which luminaires with variable power LEDs and with a "warmer than conventional" light, with a reduced blue light component will be placed, which offers a more pleasant, more comfortable and more respectful lighting. people and with the environment ", they indicate from the Consistory. In addition, 312 units of this model will be permanently disassembled, which in some cases are anchored to the buildings and are unnecessary because they have another point of light next. In the same way, and within the framework of the global strategy of Smart City, in this project the individual remote management of 4,000 lampposts is planned, which will allow for "more efficient maintenance and will provide us with greater agility in the different management needs (extinguished by castles, modifications in Fallas, sporting events, acts in the Serranos Towers ...) ", details the Councilor Notary.

This intervention is expected to achieve a saving of 87% in the electricity bill paid by the City Council. But, in addition to the energy and economic savings, this renovation will allow to end the light pollution generated by these street lamps, since the ball that focuses in all directions will be changed by a light directed downwards, which will have less discomfort for the neighbors They live on the first floors of apartment blocks. The luminaries of this type are installed mainly on the great roads, the Kingdom of Valencia and Blasco Ibáñez avenues, the marginal left of the river (next to Viveros), Cavanilles Botanical and other great avenues. The second part of the plan will consist of the installation of LED technology in 5,282 Fernando VII model lampposts, where the bulbs will also be replaced with plates also focused downwards and of lower consumption, in which the translucent crystals will also be replaced with transparent ones.
The aim of the Department is to transform the installation of the 107,000 points of light of Valencia, which initially had about 25 Mw installed, in one that does not exceed 7-8 Mw, so that the recurring costs of the energy bill be reduced noticeably. The initial calculations point to a saving of 87.82%, which means 1.45 million euros less per year. As detailed by the councilwoman, once the plan is completed, efficient lighting will now reach "50% of the public lighting in our city," which will mean that half of the entire municipal facility "will be improved and will already have efficient technology. and more environmentally friendly. " In addition, it highlights that with the first IDAE and this second "we will continue not only reducing energy consumption but also saving public resources as we have done so far, because the improvement of lighting in our city has allowed us to save more than 15.4 million euros. "